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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.

Paper towels - super slimfold, slimfold, midfold, centrefeed
  • Blue Centrefeed Towel 2 ply 180m - Gracefield Essentials
    Livi Essentials blue centrefeed is a strong, absorbent 2ply towel ideal for use in commercial kitchens and food manufacturing area's. Blue paper remains visible when in contact with liquid.

    Units per case: 6

    OLD CODE: GF 3453
    NZ$ 69.41 Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 79.82 incl GST
  • Blue Easy Roll Towel 2ply 140m - Livi Essentials
    Livi Essentials 2ply easy roll fits in the electronic hands free dispenser for maximum hygiene or the Autocut dispenser to restrict paper use and minimise waste. Blue paper remains visible when in contact with liquids.

    Units per case: 6

    OLD CODE: GF 2140
    NZ$ 66.04 Carton of 6 rolls
    NZ$ 75.95 incl GST
  • Centrefed Paper Towels 2 ply  - Gracefield Essentials
    2ply Centrefed paper towels, perforated, thick and strong.

    180m per roll.

    Polybundle 6 rolls.

    Old code 99980/GF 3456
    NZ$ 83.85 Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 96.43 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 2ply  - Coastal
    Centrefeed Paper Towels 2ply, 158m, 100% recycled paper

    Polybundle 6 rolls

    NZ$ 60.75 Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 69.86 incl GST
  • Centreline Paper Towels Recycled - Earthcare
    Earthcare Centrefeed paper towels are made from 100% recycled paper.

    Size: 190mm x 300m 1ply

    Polybundle of 6 rolls
    NZ$ 59.54 Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 68.47 incl GST
  • Commercial Kitchen Towel 2ply twin pack - TUFFY
    No matter what the spill, stain or mark. Tuffy Commercial is food safe and tackles any job, anytime of the day, thanks to its ultra strong quad weave technology.

    Units per case: 6

    OLD CODE: GF 3459
    NZ$ 22.60 Carton of 6 rolls
    NZ$ 25.99 incl GST
  • Midfold Paper Towels Premium - Kiwi Tissue
    Midfold 'V' Interfold Paper Towels. Premum paper. 1ply. Pure Celulose

    Folded size: 240mm wide x 110mm deep.

    Unfolded size: 240mm wide x 240mm deep.

    Carton 4000sheets (20 packs of 200)
    NZ$ 60.85 Carton 4000sheets
    NZ$ 69.98 incl GST
  • Premium Easy Roll Towel - Livi Essentials
    Livi Essentials premium 2ply easy roll fits in the electronic hands free dispenser for maximum hygiene or the Autocut dispenser to restrict paper use and minimise waste.

    Units per case: 6

    OLD CODE: GF 3451
    NZ$ 71.94 Carton of 6 rolls
    NZ$ 82.73 incl GST
  • Slimfold Paper Towels - EarthSmart
    Slimfold (2 fold) Paper Towels are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste.

    4000 sheets per carton

    Width: 230mm
    Lenth folded: 80mm
    Length open: 240mm

    Old code 71400/GF 7456
    NZ$ 65.34 Carton 4000 sheets
    NZ$ 75.14 incl GST
  • Slimline 'Z' Fold Interfold Paper Towels - Puresoft
    Interfold paper towels 'Z' fold.

    Paper towel size: 235 x 240mm.

    Carton holds 4000 sheets
    NZ$ 52.52 Carton 4000 sheets
    NZ$ 60.40 incl GST
  • Slimline paper towel - PureEco
    Slimline paper towel - N fold. Dot embossed. Plain plastic wrapper. 1ply. Enviro Tissue 100% recycled paper.

    Sheet size 225mm (w) x 230mm (fold)

    Carton 20 packs of 200 sheets (4000 sheets)
    NZ$ 62.52 Carton 4000 sheets
    NZ$ 71.90 incl GST
  • Superslim Paper Towel - Puresoft
    Super Slimline paper towel - Puresoft brand.

    Spacesaving size.

    Size open: 240 x 240mm
    Size closed: 240 x 80mm

    Carton holds 2400 sheets.
    NZ$ 39.69 Carton 2400 sheets
    NZ$ 45.64 incl GST
  • Superslim Paper Towel - Style Hygiene
    Super Slimfold paper towel - Style Hygiene brand.

    Paper towel size when open: 240mm x 240mm

    Carton holds 2400 sheets
    NZ$ 45.36 Carton 2400 sheets
    NZ$ 52.16 incl GST
  • Superslim Paper Towel Large - Style Hygiene
    Super slimfold paper towel - large size - Style Hygiene brand.

    Folds out to a large 240mm x 370mm.

    Carton holds 2400 sheets
    NZ$ 59.54 Carton 2400 sheets
    NZ$ 68.47 incl GST
  • Advanced Hand Towel Blue - Tork 290068
    The Tork Matic system for hand towel rolls (H1) has a high capacity that is ideal for busy washrooms found in places like schools and airports.
    Good absorption: ensures dry hands
    Soft: gentle on the hands
    Tork Easy Handling: easy to carry, easy to open, easy to flatten and easy to carry away
    Leaf pattern: designed to make a great impression
    One at-a-time dispensing: hygienic and lower consumption
    The Tork H1 hand towel roll system is a cost effective, portion controlled hand towel system that automatically dispenses roll towel 1 sheet at a time.

    Product Type: Paper towel
    Folding Type: Roll
    Plies Qty: 2
    Dispenser Ready: Yes
    Colour: Blue
    Roll Length: 150 m
    Diameter: 19 cm
    Designed For: P/N: 459000, 459500, 460001, 551000, 551008, 551100, 551108

    Carton 6
    NZ$ 199.42 Carton 6
    NZ$ 229.33 incl GST
  • Auto cut Roll Feed Paper Towels Blue - Coastal
    Blue roll feed hand towel
    1 ply TAD Hand Towel designed for Electronic Sensor and Auto-cut Dispensers
    300m per roll
    6 rolls per pack
    Dispensers available: SUP 641, SUP 750 and SUP Sensor
    NZ$ 70.88 6 rolls
    NZ$ 81.51 incl GST
  • Autocut Roll Towel 180m - PUREeco
    - 180 metres per roll
    - 1 ply
    - Enviro tissue
    - Non-perforated
    - Truly soft dot embossed

    Packing: 180m x 6rl
    NZ$ 77.96 Carton 6
    NZ$ 89.65 incl GST
  • Basic 1 Ply 280M Roll CentreFeed Blue - Tork
    All-round single use wiper in blue to enable detection
    FSC certified guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing
    Flexible system for all needs allowing one hand dispensing

    Length: 280
    Folding Type: Center pull roll
    Product Type: Paper towel
    Color: Blue
    FSC Certified: Yes

    Carton 6
    NZ$ 115.41 Carton 6
    NZ$ 132.72 incl GST
  • Basic Paper Centrefeed 1 Ply M2 - Tork 120155
    Single use disposable wipers, with easy one hand dispensing allow the user to take quickly as much paper as required for the task. It is the ideal wiper for areas where both light surface wiping and hand wiping is required. The M2 Centrefeed Towels has Independent Environmental Accreditation.

    All-round wiper for diverse working environments
    Ideal for high-consumption areas
    Centerfeed dispensing makes roll changes quick and easy

    Colour: White
    Package Type: Dispenser box
    Folding Type: Centre pull roll
    Product Material: Paper
    Recommended Industry / Application: Food
    Disposable: Yes
    Designed For: P/N: 202048, 559000, 559008, 959000
    Product Recycled Content: Made of recycled paper
    Width: 20 cm
    Length: 300 m

    Carton 6
    NZ$ 84.71 Carton 6
    NZ$ 97.42 incl GST
  • Blue Centre Feed Towel 300m - PUREvalue
    - 300 metres per roll
    - 1 ply
    - Virgin tissue
    - Perforated at 220mm
    - Coreless
    - Individually wrapped

    Packing: 300m x 6rl
    NZ$ 75.84 Carton 6 rolls
    NZ$ 87.22 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 1ply - Coastal
    Designed for high volume areas requiring fast efficient dispensers
    100% Virgin material
    FSC certified paper
    275 metres per roll
    1 ply Centre-feeding hand towel
    6 rolls per pack
    NZ$ 63.79 6 rolls
    NZ$ 73.36 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 1ply recycled blue - Coastal
    Designed Specifically for the Food Processing/retail industry
    Complies with all OSH regulations.
    100% recycled post consumer waste material
    PEFC certified paper
    320 metres per roll
    1 ply Blue Centre-feeding hand towel
    6 rolls per pack
    Free dispensers provided - conditions apply, Code SUP 400CP and SUP 420CP
    To find out more about this product please send us an enquiry.
    NZ$ 47.25 6 rolls
    NZ$ 54.34 incl GST

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