Dishwashing Sink Detergent - 20Ltrs - Natural Choice

Dishwashing Sink Detergent - 20Ltrs - Natural Choice
Neutral surfactant
PH 7-8.5

Un-perfumed general-purpose detergent used for food processing areas of commercial kitchens 2 pumps (60mls) per sink of HOT water.
Manual dishwashing detergent suitable for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

All food surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with Potable water before use.

Cleaning of walls 1pump (30mls) per 3ltrs water
Wipe walls with a clean soft cloth to avoid scratching or damaging the wall.
Bench tops 1pump (30mls) per 3ltrs water then thoroughly rinse with potable water before use.
Suitable diluted for cleaning wooden surfaces 1pump (30mls) per 3ltrs water.
Can be used as a floor cleaner on light traffic areas, 250mls per bucket of Hot water.

5 Litres.
NZFSA Approved C31 (All animal product except dairy)
Mixed Eco/Regular
NZ$ 37.20 excluding GST
NZ$ 42.78 including GST
20 Litres
NC CP512/20
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