Pine Sheet (36x13.5cm) - Epicure

Pine Sheet (36x13.5cm) - Epicure
Disposable Pine Presentation Sheet. Ideal for unique food presentation. Serve canapes on these smart pine sheets, or wrap fish for baking. Can be cut to size.

- Single use, bio-degradeable, compostable. - Untreated white pine.
- Environmentally friendly.

Dimensions - 36x13.5cm

Carton 500

The Green Bean collection of stylish single-use products for serving food, has a smart contemporary look and feel and comprises plates, cutlery, skewers, party picks, chopsticks and cones.

Green Bean eco-tableware is made from un-treated, renewable woods including bamboo, white pine, birch, poplar and black willow.
The range is disposable, biodegradable and compostable. It is not classed as resource intensive to manufacture and is non-toxic on break down.

Green Bean eco-tableware is perfect for posh or casual parties, picnics and barbecues.
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Carton 500
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