8oz Ripple Wall Cup PLA. Carton 500 - Green Choice

8oz Ripple Wall Cup PLA. Carton 500  - Green Choice
Our ripple wall hot cups provide optimum insulation properties and extra grip. They are very popular in NZ markets. They are made from two layers of card and lined with PLA, a plant-based plastic, not a petroleum-based plastic. As food contamination is not a problem, the waste container can be sent to a landfill (to eventually breakdown into plant matter) or sent to a commercial composting centre (for conversion into compost).�

Brim capacity is 290ml/9floz (US)
Safe fill level is 240ml/8floz (US)

Size: 85H x 90DIA 240ml/8floz (US)

Lids separate
NZ$ 84.14 excluding GST
NZ$ 96.76 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 500
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