Sugarcane Sauce Cup 60ml White - BioPak

Sugarcane Sauce Cup 60ml White - BioPak
Our plastic-free sauce cups are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. They are certified home compostable. It fits our 60ml PET and PLA sugarcane sauce cup lid.

- Sauce cups are available in sugarcane pulp sauce cups and bioplastic sauce cups.
- Choose bioplastic portion control pots over conventional plastic portion control pots to reduce greenhouse gases by 75%.
- Our sugarcane disposable sauce cups are plastic-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – a by-product of the sugar-refining process that remains after the juice has been extracted and would otherwise be burned.
- Our clear bioplastic sauce cups and lids have a 12-month shelf life from date of purchase whilst our sugarcane sauce cups have an indefinite shelf-life, if kept cool and dry.
- PLA bioplastic and sugarcane pulp are compostable in a commercial facility.

Brim full capacity: 60ml
Diameter top: 69mm
Product size: 30mm H
Carton size: 42cm L x 30cm W x 30cm H
Carton total weight: 4.5kg
Pieces per carton: 1,000
NZ$ 84.38 excluding GST
NZ$ 97.04 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 1000
BP B-SC-60-W
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