400mL Single Wall EcoCup (90mm) Colour Series - Ecoware

400mL Single Wall EcoCup (90mm) Colour  Series - Ecoware
A more environmentally friendly coffee cup made from responsibly sourced paper and a plant-based Ingeo™ bioplastic lining. EcoCup hot cups are leak-proof, sturdy and premium quality with exceptional insulation. Our Colour Series is unique and eye-catching, certified for commercial composting.

Each carton comes with a mix of all colours including blue, green, pink and orange. Colours are not sold separately. Lids sold separately.

*Cup sizes measured to brim capacity.

The paperboard we use in our coffee cups provides superior quality and increased insulation compared to the average paperboard on the market.

Our paper is sourced from responsibly managed plantations and lined with naturally advanced Ingeo™ bioplastic. It also has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the fossil fuel based polymers that it replaces, because the manufacture of Ingeo™ emits fewer greenhouse gasses (GHGs) than the comparable manufacture of all common petrochemical-based plastic1. This innovation of turning plants into plastic allows us to exclude non-renewable resources (such as oil) from the production of our EcoCup.

1. Life Cycle Inventory and Impact Assessment data for 2014 Ingeo™ Polylactide Production. Industrial Biotechnology, June 2015

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