Bin Liner Black 240 Litre - Bastion

Bin Liner Black 240 Litre - Bastion
Bastion Large Waste Bin Liner 240ltr Black

Extra strong and low-odour HDPE bin liners, each sheet is folded and dispensed neatly from a pack.
Made from virgin and recycled virgin tailings and off-cuts for consistent strength and reliability
(externally-sourced recycled HDPE polymers are not added).
Ideal for many applications where a low-odour, strong, reliable, high-puncture/tear resistant bin liner is required.

Inners - 4
Quantity per inner - 25
Full carton quantity - 100
Mixed Eco/Regular
NZ$ 63.57 excluding GST
NZ$ 73.11 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 100
UP 200/115
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