Paper BioBowl Hot/Cold 24oz Kraft Green Stripe - BioPak

Paper BioBowl Hot/Cold 24oz Kraft Green Stripe - BioPak
BioPak Paper BioBowls paper are made from premium paperboard and coated with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil.

Producing our bioplastic bowl lining results in 75% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces.
We use a heavy-duty, premium quality board giving our paper bowls superior stability, better lid fit and insulation.

These disposable bowls are suitable for both hot and cold foods and are soup-safe – an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional soups bowls or plastic dessert bowls.

These compostable bowls are printed using eco-friendly soy-based or water-based inks.

These bowls and bioplastic lid options have a 12-month shelf life.

These eco-friendly bowls are certified compostable in a commercial facility to AS4736 and are designed to be part of the circular economy.

Fancy a custom bowl? Custom printing is our speciality. We offer free printing for orders above 50,000 units/size for our white and natural BioBowls and above 30,000 units/size for our Kraft BioBowls.

This range includes some sizes that have a printed kraft-look.

Brim full capacity: 718ml
Diameter top: 115mm
Product size: 106mm H
Carton size: 59cm L x 24cm W x 57cm H
Carton total weight: 9kg
Pieces per carton: 500
Pieces per sleeve: 25
NZ$ 113.40 excluding GST
NZ$ 130.41 including GST
Carton 500
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