Large Rectangular Catering Containers, Deep 2500 ml

Large Rectangular Catering Containers
Volume: 2500 ml

Size: Top Out: 312 x 213 mm / Fill Depth: 50 mm
Qty: 100 per sleeve / 200 per carton

Castaway' catering foil containers are specially designed for large, catering situations where hot meals are produced in large batches and placed in a bain-marie to keep food warm during meal service. Lids are also available to allow safe and secure transportation of meals in the kitchen or off-site.

*Hemmed edges have the lip of the container folded over to protect the user from sharp edges
*Lids are lined with P.E.T. to resist moisture
*Made from foodsafe aluminium
*Oven safe
*Tapered design allows the containers to be stacked
*Vertical flange edges and foldable corners make these containers suitable for use with a lid
NZ$ 117.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 134.55 including GST
Carton 200
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