Pulp Portion Cup 30ml - Confoil

Pulp Portion Cup 30ml - Confoil
Pulp Portion Cup 30ml - Confoil.

Top out - 43 mm
Top in - 40 mm
Base - 30 mm
Height - 30 mm
Capacity - 30 ml

Our wheatgrass pulp produce trays are designed to be used for the packing and display of fresh produce

Perfectly suited for displaying fresh fruit, vegetables & meat. With a well considered design, which includes ribbed embossing and an engineered flange that adds just the right amount of strength and rigidity to the tray in order to hold weight well.

Made from compostable and sustainable wheatgrass, our pulp produce trays are not lined or coated, making them fully compostable, environmentally friendly and an ideal alternative to foam or plastic trays.

Suited for
' Chilled Contents
' Microwavable
' Ovenable

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