2 Cavity Deep Meal Tray - Confoil

2 Cavity Deep Meal Tray - Confoil
2 Cavity Deep Meal Tray - Confoil.

Top out - 219 x 165 mm
Top in - 197 x 143 mm
Base - 178 x 125 mm
Height - 47.5 mm
Capacity - 928 ml

Capacities 654, 328ml

Made from sturdy wheatgrass, our pulp trays offer a multi-cavity solution for food preparation and are designed to be heat sealable.
Made from compostable and sustainable wheatgrass, with a polyester (PET) lining, our pulp meal trays offer the ideal liquid barrier for all food types. The PET liner can be seperated, allowing the tray to be readily recycled at most waste facilities.

Lid Compatibility
' Heat Sealable. Designed to be used with heat sealing machinery and a compatible film lidding.

Suited for
' Chilled Contents
' Microwavable
' Ovenable
' Frozen Contents

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Carton 400
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