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Plate Sugar Cane round 15 cm Carton 1000 - Vegware

Plate Sugar Cane round 15 cm Carton 1000 - Vegware
Made from Sugarcane fibre after the extraction of juice, this bi-product has previously been treated as waste and is often burned causing unnecessary air pollution. Making products from Sugarcane fibre reduces the waste of this valuable resource, it can be unbleached or bleached Chlorine free.

Friendlypak Sugarcane products are GE (GMO) free and certified compostable and biodegradable to independent international standards including European EN 13432 and/or ASTM D6868. They are free of plastic additives or plastic coatings and also free of PFOA and PFOS (synthetically produced water and grease proofing agents used in the manufacture of fluoropolymers, like Teflon'). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers PFOA an 'animal carcinogen' even at low levels. Five 3M studies have shown that PFOA alters reproductive hormones and any dose suppresses the immune system.

Sugarcane is abundant in nature regenerating much faster than timber; it can be harvested annually, while timber can take decades. The process has much less impact on the environment than if it was made from paper and pulp from trees and these pulp products can sometimes include recycled material which can be contaminated. Sugarcane however is a clean by-product so does not include any recycled content making it safe for food contact.

After manufacture our Sugarcane products are Ultra-Violet Ray Sterilized and allergen free, ideal for food service, catering, and takeaways. Suitable for hot food, liquids, oils and fats, they can be used in the microwave for warming or heating food but not suitable for cooking. They also suit packaging applications like produce display trays and punnets, industrial packaging of electronic goods and medical supplies, etc.

By switching to compostable Sugarcane products you are reducing our dependence on oil (used to make plastics) and non-renewable resources. You are also positively impacting the environment by 'adding value' to an otherwise wasted by-product of the sugar industry.

Specifications: Certified 'Food Approved' (by FDA &/or SGS) Compostable to international standards including European EN 13432 and/or ASTM D6868 ' GE (GMO) free.

Item dimensions 15cm
NZ$ 141.44 excluding GST
NZ$ 162.66 including GST
Carton 1000
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