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Office Desk Cube 1L - 11x11x8cm high, Each - Vegware

Office Desk Cube 1L - 11x11x8cm high, Each - Vegware
This Desk Cube, to be lined with a compostable liner BG190439 is small but proven to be all that is needed to revolutionise waste collections within the office and business environment. Traditionally and for convenience every person in the work force with a desk has had an under desk rubbish bin with plastic liner. This has created a 100% captive collection of all waste with each item contaminating the other so no separation takes place. Most nights cleaners would come through your typical company and take the plastic liner will all the waste and stuff it into a larger plastic bag, replacing with a fresh plastic liner. This system guarantees 100% of all waste and millions of near new plastic bags, would be sent to landfill every other day, sealed within multiple plastic bags to remain forever as a toxic legacy.

Nature generates waste too' but the waste from one ecosystem is the raw material for another' so in reality Nature has no waste.
Comparing these two systems gives room for improvement. Remove the under desk rubbish bin entirely and replace with the Desk Cube lined with a compostable liner. This is all that is needed as a holder for those messy items like coffee spills, apple core, gum, tissue etc. The Desk along with any other waste items like paper and drink bottle are simply carried to a central waste separation centre for sorting. Typically, these centres would have four waste streams. 1) Recycling of paper and cardboard. 2) Recycling of other. 3) Green waste and organics. 4) Landfill. All with only the footprint of one bin, if the Friendlypak 40 Litre Stackable bin systems is used. Also, ideally in conjunction with the Friendlypak Cube and MaxAir or TallAir bins for the initial part of organic collection.

The Desk Cube can be branded and is small enough to fit in a draw or on a desk. The benefits of this relatively small change are significant. Diversion from landfill of 60% to 90% begins with the Desk Cube and MaxAir and is almost immediate, generating cost savings that usually more than cover the expenses. Staff usually plan their walk to the separation centre to coincide with something else so little if any extra time is taken. The extra exercise improves their health, well-being and work efficiency. Also staff moral rises because they can see the difference the changes make and their interaction with others improves' simple. A win-win for all, including our environment.

Specifications: Material; Recycled unbleached pre and post-consumer paper - supplied in a flat pack to be made up to 100 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm high.

Item dimensions 11 x 11 x 8cm high
Width 11cm. Length 11cm. Volume 1L.
NZ$ 5.71 excluding GST
NZ$ 6.57 including GST
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