Spork Timber 10cm, Pack 100 - Vegware

Spork Timber 10cm, Pack 100 - Vegware
Made from renewably resourced and farmed Silver Birch. Massive quantities of food, especially from the 'fast' or 'convenient' food industry where disposable cutlery is mostly used, is not only wasted but land-filled. The main reasons for this is contamination - plastic cutlery is never recycled due to the contamination from the food and the food is never composted due to the contamination from the plastic cutlery. The western world throws away about 25% of all food produced and almost all of this high value resource goes to landfill.

The solution - compostable packaging like timber cutlery - both food & cutlery can be composted together ' sustainable use of resources & no landfill. Our disposable timber cutlery is manufactured from Silver Birch, a sustainable renewable plantation, grown for purpose. The timber is untreated and food contact approved. The cutlery is particularly beneficial for compost; most home composts contain large quantities of vegetation high in nitrogen but lacking in carbon. Timber like branches and our cutlery provide carbon, as well as much needed structure for aeration. The cutlery however also makes great kindling so collecting them for someone with a fire is also a good option.

Our timber cutlery is stronger than most of the plastic cutlery and using timber ensures the continual planting of trees. The lifecycle of trees contributes to very large volumes of CO' being absorbed from the atmosphere and O' generated, an essential contribution to the reduction of climate change emissions and the carbon footprint.

Item dimensions 10cm long
Length 10cm
Unit Quantity 100 per Sleeve
NZ$ 9.92 excluding GST
NZ$ 11.41 including GST
Pack 100
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