Face Mask Medical 2R 3ply Pack 50

These medical 3-ply Type 2R face masks
provide high level protection for medical staff. They are suitable for general patient care and medical procedures where there is a risk of exposure to blood and/or body fluids.
These masks are fabricated using lightweight materials for maximum breathing comfort, with minimal risk of skin irritation and high level protection.

- Outer protective layer - coloured to distinguish from fluid resistant face masks and ensures user wears the mask the correct way.
- Filter Layer - 0.1 micron particle filtration and 3 micron bacteria filtration efficiency at >_ 95%
- Inner Comfort Layer - users may wear the masks comfortably for an extended period

 Product Type: 3-Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask (Non-Sterile)
 Quality Standard: EN 14683 : 2019 Type 2 R
 Protection Level: Bacteria Filtration Efficiency at ≥ 98%
 Microbial Cleanliness: ≤30 cfu/g
 Differential Pressure: <60 Pa/cm2
 Splash Resistance Pressure: ≥16.0 kPa
 Key Parameters:
 Fluid Resistance
 Filtration Efficiency: BFE ≥ 98%
 Protection level : Type II R
 Specification : LM-EFM-03 TYPE II R
 Color: Blue
 Size: 175X95MM, Ear-loops and adjustable nose-piece

Pack 50
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Pack 50
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