RPET 100% Lid, Fits 12/16oz Sugarcane Rectangles - Detpak

RPET 100% Lid, Fits 12/16oz Sugarcane Rectangles - Detpak
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, Eco-Products™ RPET lid fits our 16oz Rectangular Sugarcane Takeaway Container.

100% Recycled PET lid is clear
Vent holes in lid
Molded finger tab
Microwave, fridge and freezer safe
Domed profile
Clear RPET allows for easy display of food simplifying choice for customers
The vent holes allow for steam release and prevent fogging
Secure fastening to sugarcane rectangle for takeaway and delivery
Molded finger tab allows for easy lid removal
Safe for use with both hot and cold foods
Dome allows foods with a higher profile to be carried without crushing
This is perfect for:
Pasta and noodle dishes, Stir fries, Salads

Suitable For:
Chilled Contents
Hot Contents
Limited Shelf Life
Mild Grease Contents
NZ$ 77.27 excluding GST
NZ$ 88.86 including GST
Carton 400
DP V531S0064
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