PLA Lid, Fits 18oz PLA Salad Bowl - Detpak

PLA Lid, Fits 18oz PLA Salad Bowl - Detpak
Made from commercially compostable PLA bioplastic, this Eco-Products® slightly domed lid with a molded design to match the base, fits securely on the 18oz PLA Salad Bowl base.

PLA lid is clear
Molded Design on lid to match base
Secure fit on the 18oz salad bowl base
Compostable in a commercial facility
Clear PLA domed lid allows for easy display of food simplifying choice for customers
Molded design of lid fits in with salad bowl base design for an attractive complete
Safe for use with cold foods only
Our PLA products are compostable in commercial compost facilities
This is perfect for:
Lid designed for secure fit on the 18oz Salad Bowl base

Suitable For:
Chilled Contents
High Grease Contents
Limited Shelf Life
Liquid Contents
Mild Grease Contents
NZ$ 54.30 excluding GST
NZ$ 62.45 including GST
Carton 300
DP V071S0064
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