Sugar Cane Cup - 8oz - Green Choice

Sugar Cane Cup - 8oz - Green Choice
Our Compostable Cup is friendly to the environment when discarded. This tableware is made from a natural plant fibre that comes from sugar cane.

This product does not have a PLA liner.

A food grade chemical is added and the product is oil proof and water resistant, and is fit for microwave use and refrigeration. This is a non-toxic and healthy material which degrades naturally. Manufactured under ISO9001 regulations, the product meets FDA specifications for use in food applications. ** PLEASE NOTE THAT NO LIDS ARE SUPPLIED **

90H x 80DIA 260ml/8floz (US)
NZ$ 126.35 excluding GST
NZ$ 145.30 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 1000
UP 1500/106
Obsolete Item - Please contact us for alternatives