Oval Foil Platter - Medium - UniFoil

Oval Foil Platter - Medium - UniFoil
Length 350mm x Width 237mm x High 26mm. Volume 900ml.

Uses: Convenience metals, takeaway meals, bakery products
Material: Recycled and/or new grade aluminium foil
Temp Range: Can be frozen and re-heated in oven. Not able to be microwaved unless smooth-wall variety
Shape Retention: Average
Grease & oil resistance: idea; Resistance to fats, oils and sugars
Heat & moisture loss: minimal
Safety: Ideal long shelf product. It surface precluded oxidation. Fully resistant to all chemicals
Lidding Options: Cardboard lids are available with foil backing on some sizes
Environmental: Made from recycled foil and is able to be re-recycled at any collection depot in NZ

Carton 200 platters
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Carton 200
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